1. Where our sales and production staff courteous, helpful and knowledgeable?

No problems whatsoever

2. Was our production manager available when needed?


3. Did our office staff serve you in an efficient and friendly manor? 

On the ball all the time.

4. Where the people who worked on your job neat and respectful of your home and property?


5. On a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate our companies performance?

15, especially compared to other contractors

6. Type of work done: 

Remodeled basement and screened-in back porch fashioned like gazebo

7. Additional comments or referrals:

It is assuredly good news for battle-weary homeowners that Joe Niro has, at long last, decided to venture back into the realm of general contracting here in the Washington, DC area.  

Of course, hiring a contractor for any sort of remodeling project is not supposed to be likened to a “battle,” but the stereotype persists.  Too often folks wishing to take their hard-earned money and invest it back into their home have had to move with agonizing trepidation because they 1) aren’t sure of their contractor’s abilities, and 2) they’re not completely certain that they’re getting their money’s worth.  Let me assert emphatically here:  When it comes to any sort of general contracting, for projects big or small, no two words surge more fully to the forefront than integrity and workmanship.

Two times in the last decade I’ve enlisted the services of Joe Niro to

perform major remodeling projects on my home here in the Kentlands in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  Several years ago he built a screened-in porch attached to the back of our home, and more recently he remodeled our basement into what is widely considered one of the showcase rooms in all of Montgomery County.  Working with a designer, Joe built my back porch with a beautiful gazebo-like exterior, complete with cedar wood ceilings and a lovely brick patio surrounding the exterior.  The basement now features a magnificent cherry-wood bar with an authentic brick wall backdrop, designed

to simulate those great old New York City barrooms that my wife and I love so much.

The works speaks better for itself via pictures posted on this web-site,

but there are more important intangibles to consider when contrasting Joe with other home remodeling experts.  Please consider: Every moment of Joe’s working on my house I felt he was building with the same devotion and fastidious attention he would have devoted to his own home!  His rigorous attention to detail was immeasurably reassuring, given the horror stories that at times accompany remodeling projects in this area. You will travel far and wide before finding another contractor with that kind of pride and professionalism.  Both of our projects were completed on time, and the post-construction service is exceptional even years after completion. 

Unequivocally, a Joe Niro remodeling  job is worth every penny invested! Call me for a more detailed testimonial at 240-447-7332 anytime.  Also, if truly interested, call Mr. Niro to arrange a personal visit to my home to view his handiwork.  We are delighted to assist a bona-fide artist in the field of home remodeling, and we would not hesitate a moment to enlist his services again.

Joe and Sue Palka